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the release party this saturday @ hirscheneck

here some useful links by the way:

some of our soundnippets: http://soundcloud.com/mimmo-dario

this is our visual guy – he made such a fantastic job!!!!!!! Videos and Stuff sooon avaiable… www.pixelpunx.ch / www.videokultur.ch / www.modulwerk.ch

our extremly talented pre one-man band ben hereth – pls CHECK THIS GUY OUT he blow you away: http://benhereth.com/

our addicted afterparty DJs: http://soundcloud.com/thomnagy / http://soundcloud.com/dariorohrbach

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10. march 2012 va fanculo release live @ hirscheneck / basel

oh yes, ladys and gentleman you might heard right:

10th of march 2012 the album release at the old kleinbasel “headquarter” hirscheneck! we will finally present our first duo debut “vafanculo”( pretty random )live. for us just the perfect place to hit the row… thanks a lot to them!

Supported by pixelpunx

if you write us a email on vafanculo@mimmo-dario.com you will be able to get some little tiny amount of free tickets till wednesday…


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Out Of Control



one of the first encounter and collaboration of us. a remix of “out of control” originally done for tre cani. comes along with mimmo’s new lyrics and some killer bass monster beats….  turn up the volume plz!

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