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All Tracks written & produced by Mimmo é Dario

Recorded @ ‘tre galline stonate studios` / Manufaktur (Kb)
Voices recorded & live mixing by Christopher Sauder (zh)
Mastered by Dan Sutter @ echochamber (zh)
Guitars and Harmonica : Jari Antti
Blue Voxing Wings: Mabinty Conteh (capo verde)
Piano : Ruby Rhodes
VJ & Videos: pixelpunx, fleisch (bs)
Booking : Dominik Stämplfi @ Radicalis (bs)
Foto: Eva Flury, Anna Oron (Lomo Pictures) (bs)
Stickers : essegeefra – Artebra (be)
T-Shirts and Design: number one – Rudi Meinz , hand made in Einsiedeln near
the black Madonna.
Sponsoring: Warteck Fond Basel
Web Appearance & Backoffice: Maurits de Wÿs

Special thanx: to the Warteckfond 4 all, Maurits for the web and his time,
Hirscheneck for the chance to play, Julie for the WONDERFUL art work – so nice flyer :-),
Martin Thüring for the grappa :-), Gnagni et Monti – Bros. 4 live, scharfe Kritiker und auch DJs aka Goldfinger Bros., per fonti sempre fresche Fumo because he like’s this and Eva because she like’s the music and taking pictures

Very special thx to the “Manufaktur” Crew Oli Bürgin, Christoph Merkt, Janiv & Eres Oron, Ramon Giger for their Support and letting  us making noise down there all the time…
Thx for beeing. Grigel for punk-religion fitness support,
Felsen for guerrilla minds strategy,
Raphael for schablonen,
Mille grazie ..Dario Fo , Alfred Hitchcock and Leonard Nimoy, Many & the animal o n the roof….and every one we forgot especially our close friends and family – you know who you are and god for beeing a mystery…..